Question: "Why replace your whole roof when usually only about 10% of the roof is the problem?" 


Roof replacement.  Procrastinate and it's your only option.  It's disruptive, costly and may be completely unnecessary. Record high roof replacement costs are steering owners into the practice of combining comprehensive maintenance and selective component replacement to extend the life of their roof.

This practice has been employed for years at the largest facilities.  It now has expanded as replacement prices spiral further out of reach.  Deployed on a timely basis, thorough maintenance including today's high performance Energy Star® protective coatings, yields significant immediate and long term results with leaks stopped, less damage, and time tested savings.  It also reduces early cash calls and produces added financial benefits through year end maintenance deductions.

Consequently, more roofing professionals today are leaving less to chance and, the "all or nothing" approach to roofing - replace it all or get nothing.  And more buyers are responding.  This is accomplished by making roofs sustainable and extending their service life, as opposed to awaiting the roof's total failure.

Roofs, like most anything of high value, benefit greatly from the timely investment of maintenance.  The top surface is your only barrier of defense to a far more costly substrate system underneath.  Consequently, it is essential to keep it weather tight, with timely inspection and action always yielding the greatest results with less cost.  This often is done immediately after a roof comes out of warranty.  Sometimes, a more thorough approach is only taken at the first sign of a leak.

The more educated buyers are now leaving less on the table, wit pro-active decisions that make their existing roofing more sustainable - saving significant budget money and landfills in the process.  So where does this leave the property owner and roofer, who previously might have had opposing interest?  More and more it's "in the money" for both.

According to the EPA and supporting field studies, an application of Topps Seal® can immediately add to savings by reducing peak cooling demand by 15% or more.  Yet perhaps more significant is the prevention of future damage. Rooftop temperatures, after Topps Seal®, can drop as much as 50ºF on hot days.  Cool rains no longer fall on hot surfaces, eliminating thermal stress - one of the greatest culprits of roof damage.

Not all roofs are good candidates.  Some leave no alternative but complete replacement.  Think of it this way: you must perform regular maintenance to key components of your auto in time to get the desired benefit.  Roof maintenance is no different than changing fluids in your car, caring for the finish, or, replacing the belts if that's what's needed.  If it's not done at the right time, it most certainly will be too late and will result in more serious and costly problems.

Thoughtful roof restoration always saves more when performed on a timely basis.  After a thorough inspection, your roofing professional identifies underlying issues.  Then, employing conventional roofing practices, they correct those, reinforcing common problem areas in the process to return your roof's original waterproofing.  Finally, a protective coating is installed to reduce future maintenance needs and improve performance.

Best practice always involves careful consideration with products offering the best physical characteristics. When you restore a roof using Topps Products, you not only stop leaks, you select products with proven track records for effectiveness and energy savings.  Tear off and disposal expense is also avoided, as is the waste and down time of replacement. 

Why Replace 100% of Your Roof ... When Only 10% Is The Problem?  By letting Roof Rescue use Topps products for your roof restoration you can save THOU$AND$ Also, Topps products have survived all climates - from the Antarctic to Saudi Arabia and Greenland, and in all weather in between.



Cool roofing is not just the latest trend; it's here to stay. With benefits that extend beyond the bottom line for building owners, this "green" way of thinking is endorsed by policymakers and supported by energy industry entities like ENERGY STAR®. 


A cool roof coating acts like a sunshade in the windshield of your car. The white coating reflects the sun's rays back into the atmosphere from the building's rooftop, which keeps the surface and interior of your building cooler, reduces your air-conditioning usage and thus, saves you money.

But a cool roof doesn't have to just save you money on energy costs; the same coating can also extend the life of your roof when the right cool roof coating is used. Get maintenance and energy savings benefits wrapped into one coating with Topps Seal®. 

* Cools your roof - reduces cooling costs
* Reflects harmful UV rays and defends against future attacks
* A cool roof protects your roof's vulnerable top layer from further weathering, reduces future maintenance and      extends roof service life

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