Often times a roof needs only to be repaired instead of  a complete replacement. Such repairs are usually less than the insureds deductible or the repairs are needed as a result of a non-insured event. Roof Rescue has the expertise to do such repairs quickly and with minimum expense.  We also provide roof washing services for those customers that have had algae attack their roofs leaving behind those dark stains that  make any roof look bad. Below are some pics and examples of our most common pricing. Let one of our reps come out to give you a solid quote for your custom repair or washing.

Replacement of 1st composition shingle to industry standards (includes providing replacement shingles, unfastening surrounding shingles and the subject shingle, installing new shingle, re-nailing surrounding shingles and subject shingle and then cementing down all repair affected shingles...all work on slope up to 8/12 pitch slope of roof): $225

Replacement of each additional (up to 5) additional missing or damaged shingles to the industry standards stated above: $25 ea.

Replacement  of more than 6 shingles total: Per custom quote.

Replacement of shingles on any sloped roof of 8/12 pitch or more: Per custom quote.

Replacement of hip or ridge cap shingles: $10 ea. plus above pricing or if only need replace cap shingles then $10 ea. plus trip fee of $125.

Washing of composition shingles to remove algae: Per custom quote.